JIm Veney

About my Art

I am a retired university professor.  After retirement I spent a few years devoting my time to furniture making and bowl turning.  In the summer of 2006 my wife and I took our granddaughters on a grandparent-grandchild Elderhostel.  Part of the activity of the Elderhostel was watercolor painting of the red rock cliffs around Sedona Arizona.  That brought back long-ago memories of my first days in college, when I was an art major until I discovered it was not a good way to make a living.  So I enrolled in a watercolor class at Yavapai Community College in Prescott, where we live.  I was lucky to have a fine practicing artist and an excellent teacher, David Saccheri (whose work can be seen at goldenhourart.com), for my first class.  Since then, I have had a number of courses with other excellent teachers at Yavapai College.

in general, I put my most recent paintings on my home page.  But since it is hard to add at the top, you have to go to the bottom of the page for the really most recent.

My wife says that when I am not painting I am wasting my time.  How's that for encouragement?

If you are interested in commenting on my art, I can be reached at jimveney@cableone.net

My wife took a class at the college where they talked about Mandalas.  When it was over, I was encouraged to paint a copy of a nineteenth century Tibetan Mandala.

I get a kick out of painting the American Eagles on U.S. Currency.  This is the Eagle from a five dollar bill.  Notice Lincoln on the left.

This painting was done from a photograph taken by a man who was a student in one of my painting classes.  It is a photograph from Ankor Wat in Cambodia.

this is a painting I did of my younger granddaughter from a "selfy" she took with her phone.

I met a homeless man on the square in Prescott.  He seemed quite happy in his homeless status.  He said he had been in every State in the Union except Alaska and Main.  This is his picture

this is my sister's husband, Charlie.  He was just a small part of a much larger photograph.  Still, the result looks very much like him.

I occasionally do paintings of Navajo carpets.  This one is a style called "Wide Ruins."

This is a copper faced building in San Francisco (hence the green color) that was deteriorating badly.  Francis Copola and George Lucas bought it and restored it for offices.  It is called the Zoetrope Building.

If you are interested, this is what I look like.  It is  a pretty good watercolor likeness if I do say so myself.

And this Navajo carpet is called Yei.  The figures are Navajo Gods.

This carpet is on the floor in our living room.  It is a Tibetan Blue Medallion pattern and was purchased from the Dalai Lama's Charitable Trust in New Delhi.

I took this photograph thirty years ago or more with film and a cheap camera.  It was hard to do a painting from it, because it was way underexposed.  But this is the result.

This is the San Francisco skyline taken from the ferry that leaves pier 1 for Sausalito.

This painting is of the Buddha that sits in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

This is a recent painting I did of my elder granddaughter.  At the time of the painting she is a student at the London School of Economics