JIm Veney

This is a skyline of Chicago at night painted from a photograph taken by the son of friends who live in Chicago.

This is from a photograph I took of Coit Tower in San Francisco

This is one of the few paintings I have done from a picture that was not my own or taken by someone I know.  It is from a calendar photograph of a village in France called Cassis.

This is  from a photograph taken at the train station in Willams AZ, from where you can take a train to the Grand Canyon.

This is from a photograph I took of the Pont du Carrousel in Paris.  It was one of the coldest nights in Paris' recent history. 

This is a painting of a window of the Mission Beach Cafe in San Francisco's Mission district.  I was intrigued by the reflections.

This is another calendar picture, of two store fronts in France.  I don't know where, but they look very much like many others I have seen.

This is a painting from a picture I took of a beach in Syracuse, Sicily.  I liked the foreshortened look of the people.

This is a painting of a gallery in San Francisco that was selling copies of Alice in Wonderland by Dali.  Right below the picture of Dali is a reflection of my wife.

This is from a photograph I took at the corner of Geary Street and Sixth Avenue in San Francisco.

This is a painting of the window of a store in Prescott from a from a photo taken at night.

This is a street scene in New Delhi India.  The tall girl in the bottom right is my younger daughter.

This is a view of Ile de la Cite in Paris from down river on the Seine.  Towers of Notre Dame can be seen on the right.

This is a painting of the interior of a very nice place to have breakfast in Chapel Hill NC.  It is called Foster's.

This is another nighttime picture from Prescott.  I have been asked why the green light is at the top, given that it is always red lights at the top.  There are two other lights above the three that can be seen.

This is a painting of the entrance to a little hotel I stayed at the day I came, hot, tired, and thirsty off the Inca trail.  It was a great place, but I think it no longer exists.

This is a painting of a street in a town called Aigues Morte in the South of France.